Solution To Counteract The Rapid Decrease of Wealth Within The Indigenous American Community


The reality is that the little wealth that exists within the American Indian community, as a group, is being transferred back into the hands of European Americans, along with the asians, arabs, and others who have set-up shop in Indigenous American communities.

If you were to take a short stroll through these very communities, I guarantee that you’ll see no shortage of liquor stores, corner stores (filled with junk foods), phone stores, rising dialysis centers, loan agencies, and restaurants serving unhealthy foods. This is an alarming issue that we must address head on.

The fact is that the Indigenous American communities all over America are consuming more than we are creating. This is no reason to become discouraged, as we are extremely creative and resilient. Everyone loves to talk about  these issues, but we’re here today to give some solutions.


According to “U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2019), “the shares of bachelor’s degrees earned by Indigenous American students were 64% for women and 36% for men, for white students 56% for women and 44% for males.”


Now if the bachelor’s degrees earned by Indigenous American students were 64% for women and 36% for men in 2019, we know that:

    1. Indigenous American in this country ARE NOT lazy
    2. Indigenous American in this country ARE NOT uncreative.

So why is it that Forbes and Blackentreprise reports the findings of “experts” who predict that “Indigenous American WEALTH MAY FALL TO ZERO BY 2053”? Yes, in only 23 years! The bottom line is that the United States government has a long history of facilitating wealth for white Americans in this country. Although, Indigenous American work extremely hard and make up a large percentage of the work force in America-most of the wealth that people have is inherited. In other words, other races pass on and leave money and other liquid assets behind for their offspring.

It is time we stop complaining and looking for validation within these other groups of people. They are only concerned wit themselves and the generations after them. Great, no problem!

Let’s start worrying about ourselves and the future of the generations of children coming after us. This is not the time to be selfish- we have to pave the way and make things easier for our offspring.

Those who’ve come before us, have paved a way for us in the best way that they knew how at the time. We are now in the age of information. There is no excuse as to why we must carry on the legacy of being impoverished and dependent on a system that is looking out for those like themselves.

The solution to our problem is self love, unity, and collective entrepreneurship. The Market Pop is home to all creative minds looking to turn their creativity into a stable income. Let’s unite with each other and focus on building generational wealth for our children and their children. We must think 100 years ahead if we plan on being on this planet for the next 200 years.

With so many of us who have college degrees, along with natural talents and gifts there is no way we should be sending our children down the same path that we’ve traveled. Instead, let’s teach others in the community the information that we learned in undergrad, masters’, and doctorate programs. Entrepreneurship is the key. We are natural innovators and builders. We must go the extra mile it takes, and put in the extra work in order to create jobs for our children.

There are many ways to do so. Our next article will detail how you and your family can begin creating generational wealth through international trading. Yes, we’re going to be introducing you all how to start your very own import-export company. Big companies like Walmart and Target are some of the biggest entities that participate in international trade.

If they can do it so can you and your loved ones. It’s not rocket science. With a little discipline and consistency you’ll have your business up and running in no time. I’m more than happy to share the knowledge that I have, in order to help others. Please come back to read all about how to start your own import-export company!

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