The Coronavirus pandemic opens new avenue for pop up shops to be of more use than ever


"As 2020 progresses, I see people beginning to see the value in bartering and networking in order to grow winning brands. For some business owners, this means bartering and trading services just to stay afloat during this economic setback."

-Passion Kinzey



Benefits of Pop ups After Coronavirus/Recession
  1. Restoration and Recovery
  2. Community building via bartering and trading
  3. More opportunities to network and build business relationships


Pop up shops could become more of a trend when people begin to recover from the damages caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This virus has caused entire countries to shut down and close their borders. With so many suffering financially due to being out of work for weeks, people are thinking of new ways to make up for their lost income. This means that more and more people will be starting small businesses.

During this time, people will begin to see the importance of entrepreneurship. Big businesses are becoming more and more technology based, which results in job cuts and shorter hours. Corporations like Walmart, Target, and Ford will rely on technology to serve their customers instead of actual people who have families at home.

This is your chance to find your niche and form a business that serves people. Times are changing and so must your plan. This is the year to be innovative and build solid foundations that will stand the test of time. Get started in creating that business that you’ve always wanted to start.

Being a producer and not just a consumer is the key to thriving during the changing times. The virus is here, work is out, and the bills are still coming in like clock work. Therefore, adjustments must be made. The first adjustment is changing how we view pop up shops in the future.


In our blog, “Guide To Hosting The Perfect Pop Up Shop” we discussed how the pop up shop model allows business owners to connect one on one with their customers and also network with other business owners. Continue reading to find out the top 3 benefits of hosting a pop up shop after the Coronavirus has subsided. 

1.Restoration and Recovery

When the virus subsides and the world returns to business as usual, many businesses will be faced with hard decisions. Think of this, as the time of restoration and recovery. Some have taken major losses that has them questioning if it’s still worth going back into business. 

During this recovery period, you as a business owner can find it useful to host pop up shops to avoid the cost and monthly expenses of an actual store front. Cut costs by carefully planning a unique marketing/networking strategy.

Create a goal for each pop up shop you host. If you want to make extra income during this setback-form a plan that stands out from your competition. You have to be creative in this instance, originality always win.

Make your vendor’s table stand out from the rest. Offer your customers deals that they can’t resist. If you’re among the brands looking to do some rebranding this is the perfect moment for you. Pop up shops are awesome for businesses who have launched a new product or service, or who are introducing a new brand.


2. Community building via bartering and trading

The pop up shop business model has been around for as long as we can remember. Dating all the way back to the era of the old school flea markets. As time goes on, things continue to evolve and grow to fit the current climate of society; be it economically, educationally, the work force, or any other important factors. 

The reality is, the way things work in business is changing and small businesses must be able to adapt. As it relates to pop up shops, these events may warp into community based events where business owners build and barter among one another, in efforts to recover and grow their businesses after the Coronavirus setback.

Imagine the progress that could be made if small businesses stick together using their current resources, talents, and skills. Now is the time to begin making a change .

Bartering B2B is a concept that needs to be reintroduced among the community. This idea looks like small businesses exchanging services, products, information, or resources among each other, free of charge.

This involves you, as business owners doing the proper research. Research to see just how beneficial another local business could be to one of your upcoming marketing campaigns or pop up shops. Kindly, e-mail them expressing how you would like to possibly provide them with a service in exchange for one of their products or services. Set some boundaries and rules in this transaction.

Clearly write out what the two businesses expect of each other during this agreement, with both parties signing the document. This method may save you a little money while you are recovering from the losses caused by the Coronavirus.


3.More opportunities to network and build valuable business relationships

We mentioned how pop up shops are the perfect events to meet your customers face to face and sell your products, but they’re also good for networking. Networking is essential, as it serves as an opportunity to trade information and valuable resources. This is the moment to establish connections, in which you and the other party can be of mutual benefit to one another.

You won’t be the only vendor attending the pop up event. Think of your fellow vendors as potential business partners. There are many ways to be creative when networking among other business owners.

You can bring with you some really unique business cards, brochures, product samples, or cute invitations to your next event. These marketing materials will be given to anyone you would like to shop with your business, or whom you would like to collaborate with.

In business, it’s always smart to remain open minded. There is nothing wrong with having to alter your plans in times of sudden crisis. Some business owners even add “crisis management” as a part of their business plans. Creating a plan as to how you plan to deal with crisis in times such as now, saves you time and the headache of last minute planning. But- No worries. Experience is good, and serves as valuable teaching moments.

Hopefully, this uproar surrounding the Coronavirus brings business owners together in unison to create great content and serve the public. If you are a business owner, let us know what unique and fun marketing/pop up event ideas you have in mind. Remember, pop up events will still be great marketing tools and money makers. Pop up shops are growing in popularity. They will always be seen as an affordable way for entrepreneurs to trade, barter, and build valuable business partnerships.

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