Organic Herbs & Spices

Organic Herbs and Spices
The Market Pop LLC is proud to introduce our brand of organic herbs and spices courtesy of, Market Pop Organics. We are taking our love of herbs and spices and blending them together to create tasty seasonings for every meal! Our gluten free seasonings are the perfect choice for adding the rich flavor your family craves, from our family to yours.
Our owner Passion Kinzey, who comes from a long line of shamans and medicine men and women was inspired to follow in their footsteps. She first had her start back in 2017 selling yoni steaming herbs to promote the health and healing of the woman's womb.
As Indigenous Americans from the South, her family were expert farmers of Mississippi and Alabama. She's continuing on the family's legacy by promoting health and healing with her new brand of special seasonings, Two Turtles Seasonings.
Just as the turtle is a symbol of the mother, the home, and self healing, we want our seasonings to be a reminder that you too can heal yourself by partaking in our organic herbs provided to us all by mother earth. 
two turtles seasonings
"I just feel like you can have good tasting foods using ingredients that will help you heal the body and not cause health related issues such as diabetes, and other diseases that the Aboriginal Americans face today"
-Passion Kinzey
Our special seasonings will be available for purchase 03/26/2022. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when our seasonings are ready for purchase.